My First Year at ACTCM

Interested in what your first year would be like as an MSTCM/DACM student? Get the inside scoop from current student, Mackenzie Stewart-Snook, who has just finished up her first year at ACTCM! Learn more about the MSTCM/DACM curriculum, what it’s like working during your studies, and the overall community of ACTCM.

Mackenzie Steward-Snook, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Class of 2020)
Mackenzie graduated with a degree in Biology from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois in 2013. Her interest in medicine was piqued during her senior year of college when she crafted a research project comparing over-the-counter allergy medication to acupuncture for the treatment of seasonal allergies. From there, she found herself deep into the realm of western medicine. Eventually, she returned back to acupuncture–realizing that it was her calling all along. She hopes to integrate TCM and western medicine in her own practice to help anyone who doesn’t feel they are receiving the healthcare they deserve.