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ACTCM has been leading holistic, healing education for almost half a century. At our two Bay Area campuses, we’re constantly adapting to the changing demands of modern healthcare, integrating new research and methodologies with 3,000 years of Chinese medicine.

Career Choices, Stellar Pass Rates

An ACTCM diploma distinguishes you in the field. Hands-on clinical experience and comprehensive coursework prepare you to practice the best patient-centered care.

Teachers Invested in Your Success

Our faculty are student-focused, engaged mentors who specialize in today’s most pressing issues, including women’s health and pain management.

Mission-Driven, Diverse Students

Learn with compassionate, creative, and deeply committed Chinese medicine school students who are shaping the future of integrative medicine.

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture School: Entry-Level and Advanced Degrees

Whether you’re an established practitioner, a working professional, or new to the flourishing field of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, we have a program that fits your schedule and aspirations. Choose from foundational courses that place you firmly on your career path, a research specialization, a weekend certificate in today’s most pressing health issues, or a two-semester doctoral program.

Hybrid, weekend, or on-campus, all ACTCM degree programs are regionally accredited.

Clinical Options That Open Doors



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