For Alumni

ACTCM alumni practice across the United States and in several other countries. Our graduates hold executive positions in acupuncture organizations, teach at universities, practice in integrative settings and private practices, and are regarded as the best Chinese Medicine practitioners in the field. 

Our Alumni Affairs Office strives to provide ACTCM alumni with valuable information and services, as well as worthwhile events and opportunities.

Resources for Alumni include: 

Alumni continuing education.

Continuing Education 

Every year ACTCM offers a number of continuing education seminars featuring well known guest speakers to ACTCM alumni for free. Regular CEU courses are offered at a discount to alumni. Alumni may also audit didactic classes in the MSTCM program for special discount alumni rate of the regular tuition. Check out our current and upcoming CEU offerings at ACTCM.

ACTCM alumni sitting outside at a table.

Alumni Survey

ACTCM surveys its alumni periodically to get suggestions regarding the College and to find out how they are faring professionally; results of the survey are published in the Annual Report. Share your thoughts with Alumni Relations.

Special events for alumni.

Special Events

Alumni are active in special events throughout the year. To find out how you can get involved contact Alumni Relations.

3 Chinese Medicine School Alumni at ACTCM

Facebook Alumni Group 

This page is hosted and managed by Alumni of ACTCM. Join ACTCM Front and Center – A Place for Alumni on Facebook. 

Acupuncture School Student Group in San Francisco, California

LinkedIn Alumni Group 

Join the ACTCM Alumni Group on LinkedIn to get the most up-to-date job announcements, office space announcement and other news.  You can add your ACTCM degree directly to your profile with these links: MSTCMDAOM. You can also find faculty, staff and other alumni through the ACTCM University Page on LinkedIn.

Google Alumni Group 

Coming soon.

If you have questions about any of the services for alumni of ACTCM at CIIS, please contact Alumni Relations.