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In 2018, we interviewed ACTCM students, alumni, and faculty members who were part of our social media community using the hashtag #ACTCMprofile. We are so excited to share stories and recommendations from the first three interviews below!

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Julia Lee, a current 3rd-year student in the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM)

What drew you to Chinese medicine?
The profound effect it had on my own health. After I had gone briefly to [Western] medical school and realized it wasn’t the path for me, I was not doing well physically and on other levels as well. I avoided Chinese medicine at first due to my training in Western science and my upbringing that did not consist of going to holistic health practitioners, but Western medicine wasn’t helping me with my particular set of issues. I kept meeting people who would refer me to great Chinese medicine doctors, who worked miracles for me. I would not have the health and perspective I have today if not for them.
What is your favorite part of your training so far?
The clinic, for sure. Practicing Chinese medicine allows us to infuse our own personalities into the healing process, and to get to know and connect with patients on a deep level. It’s technical, but also artistic. Using all the senses: looking, hearing, smelling, asking questions, pulse-taking, etc. You have to cultivate yourself so you can see clearly and diagnose well. You are the instrument.
What is your vision for the future and using this training?
Having my own private practice somewhere in the Bay Area—my family is here and I don’t see myself anywhere else.
What tools are you using through this experience to self-care?
Self-reflection, meditation, learning to work with qi, spending time in nature, listening to my body, and learning to see the brightness and beauty in life—helps prevent burnout which can take place from encountering too much suffering. Learning to be a good patient is the road to being a good practitioner.

Roni Kramer, alum, Class of 2000

What have you been up to since ACTCM?
After I graduated I went to Chengdu, China to spend a few weeks at the dermatology department at the university hospital. Going back to Israel I opened my clinic focusing on dermatology. At the same time, I founded Kamedis Dermatology. My company is an R&D company developing a topical solution for skin disorders based on Chinese medicine concept and botanicals. All our products contain botanical formulations that we find in In Vitro tests and clinical trials to be most effective. It amazes me how what I studied at school and what the ancestors taught us is still applicable to the mass. Twenty-first-century science validates what was known for thousands of years and even exceeds our expectations. Our herbs are true heroes.
Why did you choose ACTCM?
We relocated [from Israel] to SF for my husband’s job. I was searching for a school to continue my TCM studies I started in Tel-Aviv and that’s how I got to ACTCM.
How do you keep your qi active?
I love running and doing yoga.
What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you?
I was learning Sanskrit for 4 years, my major for a first degree. It’s not even a spoken language. I guess I have a passion for old traditions.

Justin Shin, a current student in the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM), Class of 2018

Hi Justin, where are you from?
Reston, Virginia.
Why did you choose ACTCM?
Because it’s in the greatest “foodie” city ever, San Francisco!
What is your personal vision for after you graduate?
My vision is to influence the integration between Western & Eastern Medicine. I’m currently working on a start-up called the Chimera Center. The Chimera, in mythology, is a Greek hybrid creature in Asia Minor composed of parts of more than one animal. Usually depicted as a head of a lion with a head of ram from its back, and snake for a tail. Chimera Center was created to combine the 3 beasts of medicine: Biomedicine, Acupuncture/herbs & Research. Providing a community of experienced licensed health care professionals & students, we aim to create a resourceful interactive platform to share knowledge, resources & practices.
What is your favorite food right now?
How do you keep your health/qi active?
I play basketball about 3-4x per week.
What’s a fun fact most people don’t know about you?
I like laying on my couch after high carb meals! 😉

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