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Preceptorship Program

Students have the option of completing one of their Clinic Observation II (ACM 5351/5452) shifts by participating in the ACTCM Preceptorship Program. Students who choose this option will complete all aspects of the Clinic Observation II course under the supervision of a licensed practitioner who has been approved by the ACTCM clinic as an ACTCM Preceptor. Students may only participate in the preceptor program after completing one Observation II shift at the ACTCM Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. Preceptors may work in various clinics and settings and must be licensed in California. Students must complete the sixty (60) hours of course work and submit the appropriate documentation to the ACTCM clinic verifying their participation by the end of the second week of the subsequent term in which they are registered for the Clinic Observation II course. Preceptor package.

Health Certificate (PDF)

MSTCM/DACM Clinic Packets

1 Clinic Packet Observer I

2 Clinic Packet Observer II

3 Clinic Packet Trainee I 

4 Clinic Packet Trainee II 

5 Clinic Packet Trainee III 

6 Clinic Packet Intern I 

7 Clinic Packet Intern II 

8 Clinic Packet Intern III 

9 Clinic Packet Intern IV 

Clinic Manuals

2021 Clinic Manual ACTCM at CIIS

ACTCM Clinic HIPAA Manual_2017

HIPAA Training Presentation_2017 (PDF)

Clinic Forms

ACTCM Clinic Incident Report Form and Procedure

ACTCM at CIIS Preceptor Package 01152020