Endangered Species Conservation: ACTCM Secures $60k in Funding for International Symposium

ACTCM recently secured $60,000 in funding from Animals Asia Foundation (AAF) to organize and host an International Symposium for the Conservation of Endangered Species and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The International Symposium for the Conservation of Endangered Species and Traditional Chinese Medicine will bring together herbal manufacturers, TCM practitioners, educators, researchers, government officials and policy makers from the fields of Traditional Chinese Medicine and environmental conservation. The one-day symposium will take place in November 2009 in Beijing, in conjunction with the annual meeting of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS).

Through this symposium, ACTCM will educate participants about the critical importance of discontinuing the use of endangered species, the contemporary realities of select medicinal species, and alternatives to the use of endangered animals and plants in TCM.

Over the past 10 years, ACTCM has made significant progress in bridging the gap between conservation agencies and the TCM community as well as the gap between Chinese policy makers and international conservation organizations. However, much more work needs to be done and the time has come to expand our efforts on a more global level. ACTCM has the skills and knowledge to take a major leadership role in collaboration with various conservation agencies on educating the world about the need to protect endangered medicinal species. The International Symposium for the Conservation of Endangered Species and Traditional Chinese Medicine will be a valuable step in reducing demand for endangered species through education. It will also further promote this pressing issue as a global concern that warrants increased research and support.

The following is a partial list of topics to be included in the symposium:

  • Research regarding wild herb harvest standards
  • A critical analysis of TCM professionals’ education in topics of conservation
  • Development and exploration of endangered species substitutes
  • Herbal companies’ role in endangered species conservation
  • Conservation of Chinese herbal resources
  • Policies on endangered plant and animal species used in TCM
  • Challenges facing tiger conservation and TCM
  • Wild herb collection and sustainability
  • Current issues and safety concerns in medicinal bear bile products

Our project partner, Animals Asia Foundation, is a Hong Kong-based government-registered charity, whose mission is to improve the lives of all animals in Asia, end cruelty and restore respect for animals Asia-wide. AAF shares ACTCM’s commitment to the conservation of Asian medicinal species and strongly supports this innovative project.

For more information or questions about the symposium, contact ACTCM Development Officer, Bria Larson at brialarson@actcm.edu.

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