Dr. Jun Wang Named China Projects Research Fellow

We’re excited to announce that Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Director and ACTCM Faculty Member Dr. Jun Wang has been named the China Project Research Fellow for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. The Soo Foundation has generously awarded a $55,000 research grant to help fund the one-year fellowship which will be housed within the China Projects Office under VP for China Projects and ACTCM@CIIS Executive Director Lixin Huang’s supervision.

The grant proposal was invited by the Soo Foundation which previously funded Dr. Wang’s anthropological fieldwork in China. The grant will allow her to revise and prepare her doctoral dissertation, Life History, Memory, and Writing in Contemporary Chinese Medicine, for publication as a book.

In addition, Dr. Wang will work with CIIS Public Programs and Performances to develop several workshops and lectures on the Buddhist and Daoist underpinnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Chinese healing arts with the goal of creating new semester-long courses that bridge the curriculum of ACTCM and CIIS.

ACTCM is grateful to Dr. Wang and excited to see her continuing development as a leading scholar at the intersection of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhist studies, and cultural anthropology. Congratulations Jun!