DAOM 2014 Capstones Added to Library

The DAOM Program is excited to announce the following capstones as new additions to the ACTCM Dr. Shuji Goto Library. Please come by the library and explore some of the great scholarly work done by our DAOM Alumni!

  1. Aaron Nickamin, The Role of Cholesterol and Fats to Restore Kidney Yin, Yang, and Essence
  2. Andrea Natta, Holograms, Microcosms and Mirroring: A Scientific Exploration of Microsystems in Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain
  3. Cameron Bishop, Leave Your Shoes At The Door: An Invitation to Explore Infertility Treatments in a Japanese Acupuncture Clinic
  4. Coleen Smith, Case Study Research on Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy and the Benefits of Hinaishin Needles at Kidney 27
  5. Gale O’Keefe, Enteric Nervous System: Regulating the External World inside the Gut Applied Enteric Symbiosis Through Localized Acupuncture Therapy
  6. Gene London, Prevention of Nosocomial Infection in Acupuncture Practice: a Missing Standard for Lancets
  7. Heather Biery, Grasping a Sleeping Tiger by the Tail: Contextualizing Perceptions of Qi in Japanese Meridian Therapy
  8. Keith Stevens, Water: Its Qualities, Properties, and Functions in Pain Expression, Diagnosis and Treatment
  9. Max Fried, The Treatment of Migraine Headaches with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  10. Qizhi Wang, Dr. Dong Jia-Hua’s Academic Theories in Treating Spleen and Stomach Disease
  11. Sadhna Singh, A Randomized Controlled Trial of Acupuncture for Initiation of Labor in Nulliparous Women at Term, Including Pre-Birth Treatments 2-3 Weeks Leading Up to Term
  12. Sherry Yang, Menopausal Insomnia: Proposal for Evaluating Acupuncture Treatment and Effectiveness
  13. TruthSayer, Transcendental Medicine – A Brief Introduction to A New System of Medicine for the Treatment of Body/Mind/Spirit and the Transformation of Consciousness

Contact Information: Laura Kado, Doctoral Program Assistant 415.229.7981 laurakado@actcm.edu 

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