Clinic Spotlight: Dr. Jung Kim, Assistant Dean of Clinical Education 

Dr. Jung Kim LAc, DAOM has been practicing acupuncture for over 17 years. He is the Assistant Dean of Clinical Education and teaches in both the classroom and the clinic at ACTCM.

Dr. Jung Kim is originally from Seoul, Korea. He moved to San Francisco and studied Eastern and Western Philosophy, but changed paths and earned a degree in Chemistry. Dr. Kim considered western medical school, but was more attracted to Chinese medicine for its blend of the philosophies, science and healing. He graduated from ACTCM in 1998 and went on to receive his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2010 also at ACTCM.

How have you seen the field of acupuncture change over the past 20 years?
I feel that the energy of the field has changed.  When I was in school most of the students were coming to acupuncture as a second career and everyone was over 35.  Now there is more diversity,  more movement, more voices, and a more dynamic student population helping the field grow and moving it forward.

How has acupuncture shaped your life? 
Every day I treat patients and learn from them. I have learned how to teach people to live better, how to motivate them, and my wisdom grows daily. Acupuncture has given me a true goal and purpose.

While in the Doctorate Program you specialized in Gynecology and Pain Management, do you have any other focuses within Chinese medicine and acupuncture?
I do a great deal of work treating emotional health and stress related issues.  People don’t know how to rest, they live in a war zone that doesn’t allow for their mind and emotions to breath. People should take a break from the computer screen, close their eyes and live in the moment so that they can give their mind adequate rest.

As a parent and acupuncturist, do you have any recommendations for other parents?
When the child is asleep, you should be sleeping too.  Parents want to multi-task, but what they really need to do is rest when they have a moment for themselves.

Dr. Jung Kim has private practice appointments available:
Friday 1:30pm –5:30pm
Saturday 9am –5:30pm

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