Kathryn Ryan, L.Ac

After graduating from ACTCM in 1984, Kathryn began a private practice where she continues to treat patients using acupuncture and herbal medicine over 30 years later. Previously she worked at the Quan Yin Healing Arts Center for 6 years during the HIV epidemic where she gained valuable experience working with the transgender community. Kathryn was also involved in several research studies at Stanford University over an 18 year period, utilizing acupuncture to treat various health problems including depression, back pain, and insomnia. Previously she supervised a clinic shift at the St. James Infirmary treating sex workers and since 2010 she has supervised at California Pacific Medical Center in the Rehab Unit, helping patients recover from stroke and traumatic brain and spinal injuries.

In Clinic: When working with students at ACTCM and the CPMC rehab unit, Kathryn focuses extensively on proper and effective needling technique.

Best Advice to Students: Learn to meditate and strive for a daily practice.