Matt Haug, MSTCM, LAc

Matt Haug was born into a long line of Norwegian Traditional East Asian Medical practitioners. His grandfather was one of the first to import Chinese herbs into Oslo. Matt’s professional training began in 1992 when he competed a year long apprenticeship to became a Clinical Herbalist including six weeks of field work in the United State and Mexico to study medicinal plants in their native habitats. He graduated from ACTCM in 2003 and studied with Alon Marcus DOM with whom he learned Tung style acupuncture, dry needling, orthopedic assessment and the science of pain medicine.  In 2012 he met Dan Bensky and began to study with him. In 2015 Matt became a member of the American Academy of Osteopathy, where he continues to study with some of the top physical medicine practitioners and acupuncturists working today. One of these people is Dr Jean Pierre Barral DO, who has been a major influence on how Matt practices today. Matt works in pain clinics and integrative settings along side MDs, Chiropractors and other medical practitioners.

In Clinic: The most important skills for clinicians are critical thinking, the ability to be relaxed and taking the time to listen to patients. Good diagnosis comes from paying attention in the moment.

Best Advice to Students: Keep your heart open.