Research & Evidence-Informed Acupuncture with ACTCM @ CIIS

Interested in incorporating research into clinical practice?

Dr. Carla Wilson, Ph.D., DAOM, L.Ac., presents on the importance of research in the clinical care of patients and how research literacy is introduced and practiced by students throughout their training at ACTCM.

Webinar attendees will:

Receive an introduction to the term ‘Evidence-Based Acupuncture’
Learn about how ACTCM integrates research into their course work
Have the opportunity to ask questions about current research taking place at ACTCM and how they might become involved in research projects as students


About Speaker, Dr. Carla Wilson:

Carla Wilson, DAOM, PhD, MA, LAc: American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 2011; Health Education and Community Health Education and Leadership, New College of California, 2004; LAc in Hawaii 1987, New York 1993, Florida 1994. Previous positions: Director of Medical and Health Services, Osborne Association, Bronx, NY; Executive Director, Quan Yin Healing Arts Center, San Francisco, CA. Adjunct: Patient Management and Ethics.


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