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Be a DAOM Student For a Day! This is the perfect opportunity to learn and connect with faculty and current students.We invite you to come visit one of our modules and see firsthand the high-quality academic and clinical experience we offer at ACTCM. We have limited spaces available, so please refer to our DAOM Module Schedule below and contact us at 415-401-0464 or to reserve a seat.

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Why Acupuncturists Choose our DAOM Program?

World-renowned faculty and a diverse student body
– Internationally recognized externship sites available across North America and China
– Monthly weekend modules designed for working practitioners
– Specialties in Women’s Health or Pain Management with an emphasis in integrative health
– Corporate rated lodging available
– Financial aid, fully accredited program

September 6-9, 2019 Module
Jason Hao MBA, OMD, L.Ac. has been practicing and researching scalp acupuncture for 34 years. He had the opportunity to learn directly from famous experts including Dr. Shun-fa Jiao, the founder of Chinese scalp acupuncture, Zhishun Yu, professor of scalp acupuncture development, and Shentian Sun, professor of scalp acupuncture research. Jason Hao has been teaching in the West since 1989, and has taught scalp acupuncture seminars sponsored by UCLA and Stanford for nine years. He also has publications in the U.S. Army Stripes, in China Daily, and in Alternative Therapies. Jason Hao was former chairman of the acupuncture committee in the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, as president of the board of directors at Southwest Acupuncture College, and as president of the International Academy of Scalp Acupuncture. Jason Hao will be teaching Scalp Acupuncture Therapy on September 6 & 7, 2019. In this course students are introduced to advanced scalp acupuncture therapy, including scalp line location, indication for treatment, and needling technique. Treatment strategies for neurological and neuromuscular disorders, such as pain management, paralysis and cerebral palsy are reviewed.
Raven Lang, MS, LAc, educated in Oriental medical training, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco CA, 1982-84; American Graduate School of Oriental Medicine, 1987. Previous positions: Direct Entry Midwife, Childbirth educator, 1969-85; Director of The Institute of Feminine Arts, a California State certified college dedicated to the studies of midwifery, 1978-84. Current position: private practice. Adjunct: TCM Gynecology. Raven Lang will be teaching TCM Pediatrics on September 8 & 9, 2019. Raven Lang is a renowned acupuncturist and midwife, she will cover conditions that are well within the scope of TCM treatment and which respond well and quickly to TCM. You will learn Shonishin, needling and acupressure techniques for children, as well as herbal prescriptions for many common pediatric conditions. Learn how to discern what is normal in children, what can be addressed with TCM, and when to refer to an allopathic physician. Case histories and stories related to each pediatric condition will be presented from Raven’s experience as a midwife, a mother, and a TCM practitioner. Return to your clinic with many clinical pearls for immediate implementation with your pediatric patients
October 11-14, 2019 Module
Steve Shomo, DAOM, L.Ac. is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, board-certified and dual licensed in Colorado and Florida. He is a WMA Wilderness First Responder, volunteer with the Colorado Special Tactics & Rescue Team and Team Rubicon. He is a Unit Coordinator and Training Specialist for the Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps (CAMRC), the nation’s first acupuncture based federally approved MRC responding to disasters and critical incidents. Steve is extensively trained and experienced in Integrative Acupuncture, Acupuncture Injection Therapy, Nutrition, TCM Oncology, Auricular Therapy, Health & Fitness, Remote Wilderness Medicine, Global Health, Disaster Mental Health, and Emergency Response.  Steve Shomo will be teaching Clinical Internship and Case Analysis III (Trauma) on October 11-12, 2019. In this course, the application of acupuncture in the treatment of traumatic stress (acute/chronic), secondary traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue is presented. Veterans, first responders or victims of a disaster, as well as individuals who are affected in their community represent the patient population for treatments post-disaster and long-term care.


Anthony Von der Muhll, L.Ac., DNBAO, FAIPM, graduate of the Five Branches University’s’ Integrative Sports Medicine program, was licensed in 2003 as an acupuncturist, is practicing in multi-disciplinary clinics including SpineMed Associates and the PRIME Pain Medicine Institute, Board Certified as well as a Diplomate of the National Board of Acupuncture Orthopedics in Acupuncture Orthopedics, a credentialed Fellow of the Academy of Integrative Pain Management, a Clinical Instructor and Associate Professor at the Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2005, and an Instructor in Integrative Acupuncture Orthopedics at the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland since 2017, a certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, and has served as an Expert Witness for the California Acupuncture Board (CAB) and in civil malpractice litigation. Anthony Von der Muhll will be teaching Care of the Cervical Spine and Shoulder on October 13 & 14, 2019. In this course students learn advanced acupuncture techniques for the treatment of the cervical spine and shoulder injuries. The treatment of whiplash injury, cervical spondylosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, rotator cuff injury, subacromial bursitis, and frozen shoulder are reviewed.
November 8-11, 2019 Module
Daniel Jiao, DAOM, L.Ac., graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984 and received his DAOM degree from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2009. He served on the Board of Directors of NCCAOM from 1997-2006, and on the Board of Directors of ACTCM from 1997-2009. He was a Chief instructor of Oriental Medicine in the Medical Acupuncture Program at Stanford University in 1998. He currently serves as the Acupuncturist at Sutter Health Integrative Medicine and Professor in the DAOM program at ACTCM. Dr. Daniel Jiao will be teaching Ovarian Disorders November 8 & 9, 2019.  In this course students examine polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), premature ovarian failure, and ovarian cancer. The class focuses on the physiology, pathology, etiology, diagnosis and the treatment of those conditions. Particular attention is placed on accurate Chinese medical differentiation and the need to modify Chinese herbal formulas during treatment. The class includes clinical case discussion, and analysis.
Misha Cohen, OMD, L.Ac., is the Clinical Director of Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine, Executive Director of the MRCE Foundation, and a Research Specialist of Integrative Medicine at the University of California Institute for Health and Aging. She is an elected Fellow to the National Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has published widely in both lay magazines and professional journals in the areas of women’s health, gynecology, cancer support, HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, as well as Chinese medicine and herbal research methodology. Misha Cohen will be teaching Clinical Internship and Case Analysis II (GYN) on November 10 & 11, 2019.  The focus of this course is on gynecology and addresses issues in women’s health care and clinical case management from both a western medicine and Chinese medicine perspective.  Students will learn about complex case management, and tools for communication with Western providers effectively to care for patients with complex gynecological conditions, provide support for cancer patients.

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