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Students who wish to transfer from another college of Oriental medicine to ACTCM must follow the same application process as entering United States or international students, and must also meet with the Dean of the Master’s Program to discuss ACTCM’s curriculum requirements.

Entry Requirements

In addition to undergraduate transcripts, a transfer student must also submit a transcript from the acupuncture and/or Oriental medicine college at which he or she studied previously. For a student wishing to obtain ACTCM transfer credits for work completed at another Oriental medicine college, the college must be ACAOM accredited or in candidacy status or the foreign equivalent. A student who has attended a non-ACAOM approved college in the United States should contact the Admissions Office for information. All transfer credits must be awarded before the student begins classes at ACTCM.

Depending on the amount of acupuncture and Oriental medicine education received at another institution, transfer students may be required to take the first or second level comprehensive exams and/or placement exams so that the College can develop a course schedule that reflects their level of knowledge. If a transfer student lacks sufficient knowledge in a certain subject, he or she will be required to take a course for credit in order to reach a level equivalent to other students in the MSTCM/DACM program. In general, the placement of transfer students into specific MSTCM/DACM classes is based on a review of all previous educational coursework, as well as on the outcomes of exams.

Transfer students are required to meet with the Academic Advisor or the Dean of the Academic Program prior to registration each semester for approval of their course schedule.

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