Topical Making Workshop

Topicals for Pain with Paz Vizcarra, LAc

Learn the art, methods and essentials of making your own botanical salves, oils, liniments and plasters! This workshop will include the preparation of the following remedies:

Bone and Tendon Liniment
Sprains, strains, broken bones

Trauma Oil
Bruises, pain, sore and stiff muscles

Three Yellows Salve
Acute injury with pain, swelling, inflammation and stiffness

Pain Relieving Plaster
Acute or chronic severe pain


Saturday on November 15, 2:30-5:30PM


Paz Vizcarra, MSTCM, LAc originally from Chile, Paz has been practicing natural healing arts since 1985.  She obtained her license in acupuncture in 1997.  Since 2000, she has served as clinic supervisor at ACTCM, where she supervises students in diagnosis, treatment, herbal prescriptions, dietary and lifestyle counseling. Paz has also studied dermatology with Andy Ellis, Clinical Herbalism at Ohlone Herbal Center, Energetics of Western Herbs with Karyn Sanders, Treatment of Psoriasis with Dr. Jialing Yu, Aromatherapy, Herbs and Perfumery with Jeanne Rose, and the Science and Art of Herbology by Rosemay Gladstar.


$50 for students and $65 for licensed practitioner (3 CEUs)
(Cost includes salve making materials)


ACTCM (Classroom TBD)

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