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The Student Council provides a ready forum for students to give input on a wide range of issues, and to interact with faculty and administration in ways that help shape the learning experience. The Student Council is an invaluable resource to ACTCM, and is often a catalyst for creating new opportunities for students. Annual elections are held to fill Student Council positions.

ACTCM Student Council

Constitution and Bylaws

Student Union Conference Funding Grants

Classroom Etiquette Code

ACTCM at CIIS Student Council

The following students are ACTCM Student Council Representatives for the 2019 – 2020 school year:

Contact Information:

ACTCM Student Council Event Funding:

The ACTCM @ CIIS Student Council offers ACTCM students an opportunity to receive funds throughout the academic year. In order to be considered for funding, please follow the step by step process below:

Steps to apply for Event Funding from ACTCM @ CIIS Student Council:
Step 1: Determine the Eligibility Requirement:
Event Funding is intended to address the needs of ACTCM students while promoting the goals and mission of the ACTCM @ CIIS Student Council. Any registered ACTCM student is eligible to apply for Event Funding for initiatives directed towards ACTCM students.

Step 2: Submit Event Funding Application
Application must be submitted at least one month but no more than a year prior to a fund request. Funding must be aware prior to the day of execution of the proposal. Application should include information such as budget, target audience, marketing strategies, contact information, and a description of proposed event. Access the Application here: ACTCM-at-CIIS-Workshop-Form_AY-2018-2019 | ACTCM at CIIS Budget Template  AY 2018- 2019

Step 3: Mandatory Meetings
Applicants will be invited to present their proposal at an ACTCM Student Council Meeting. Once approved for funding, applicants must meet with the ACTCM @ CIIS Student Council Treasurer to process expenditure of funds and funds report. For questions regarding the application process, applicants are encouraged to contact the ACTCM @ CIIS Student Council Treasurer.

Student Union Conference Funding Grants

The CIIS Student Union has established a fund to assist students in need of financial support to participate or present at academic conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops. Student Union believes that attending a conference can be an enriching experience for students and an invaluable resource for one’s personal, scholarly, and professional goals. We certainly encourage you all to apply for funding! Please visit MyCIIS> Student Affairs> Student Union page.

Click here to access: Student Union Funding | Learn More About CIIS Student Union

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Classroom Etiquette Code

The Classroom Etiquette Code was created by students for students to create an optimal learning environment for ACTCM classrooms. Please read these guidelines. We are all here to learn together!

Classroom Etiquette Code


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