Advising & Academic Support

Academic Support

The ACTCM Academic Support Administrator offers open tutoring on a weekly basis and coordinates review sessions for students on relevant topics. Students can make individual appointments with Jennifer Bezjak, the Academic Support Administrator by email.

ACTCM offers study review sessions for some classes. Formal study review sessions are offered free of charge with most classes that have a teacher’s assistant (i.e. herbs, formulas, and points courses). The schedule for these review sessions is coordinated between the teacher’s assistant and the students during the first week of the semester.

Review sessions for Comprehensive Exams are offered free of charge. The review sessions meet at various times throughout the quarter to accommodate student schedules.  Students are also provided with an exam preparation outline designed to assist students in organizing, studying and reviewing for the exams.

Should a student encounter academic challenges with a particular course, tutors are available to provide assistance for a nominal fee. Students who are required by the college to seek tutoring will receive this assistance at no charge. The Academic Support Administrator hires tutors and pairs them with students and evaluates the services each semester.


ACTCM provides individualized support for students as they plan a course of study and progress through the program. Each quarter, the Academic Advisor is available to assist students in planning their schedules for the next semester. The main role of the Academic Advisor is to support students with academic questions and to assist students to progress through the curriculum in an orderly manner. The Advisor assists students in creating and altering plans of study throughout the program. Students should meet with the Academic Advisor if they are considering changing program of study, dropping or adding a class, taking a leave of absence or withdrawing from the program. Students who are changing pace, taking a leave or withdraw also meet with the Director of Student Affairs to discuss how this will affect their overall student experience and career development.

Students are also welcome and encouraged to discuss academic or professional issues at any time with the Academic Advisor, Academic Support Administrator, the Dean of Clinical Education, or the Director of Student Affairs—all of whom maintain an “open door” policy.

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