Dean of DAOM program visits China!

A travel update from Carla Wilson, Dean of the Doctoral Program and Director of Research:

Last month I traveled to China to teach a class at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. I received a warm welcome and thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of the university and the international flavor of the campus. The class I taught was titled: Teaching International Students Chinese Medicine. The class was attended by 38 professors of Chinese Medicine from 24 different colleges within China.  The professors are very interested in how we go about teaching CM to our students, clinical training, regulation and scope of practice in the U.S. I am thrilled to have had the opportunity opened up this level of exchange between ACTCM and so many other well known TCM colleges in China.


carla in china

No trip to Beijing is complete without a visit to the Great Wall. My first journey to the Great Wall took place during a study trip to China in 1990. I must say, the Great wall looked just as I remembered it. There are some things that don’t change very quickly and the Great Wall is a powerful reminder of this.

Carla Wilson

I hiked along the wall and took the time to reflect on the many, many changes that have occurred in my life since 1990, realizing that all of my timelines are in some way connected to a long and satisfying career in Chinese medicine.

Best Regards,

Carla Wilson DAOM, PhD (candidate) L.Ac
Dean of the Doctoral Program and Director  of Research
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
San Francisco, CA  94107