MSTCM/DACM General Science Requirement

The College offers all of the required general science courses on campus, and students may take them either through ACTCM or at another approved college or university. To be transferable to ACTCM, a general science course taken at another institution must be passed with a grade of C or better, and its content must be equivalent to the content of the same science course offered by ACTCM. Students admitted to the MSTCM or DACM program are required to complete the general science courses listed below no later than one semester prior to taking the 1st Level Comprehensive Exams. 

General Science Courses (15  semester credits)
• Human Anatomy  – 4 semester credits
• Human Physiology – 3 semester credits
• General Psychology – 2 semester credits
• General Physics – 2 semester credits
• General Chemistry – 2 semester credits
• General Biology – 2 semester credits

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