Gratitude Notes from Scholarship Winners

Gratitude Notes from Scholarship Award Winners in 2014

Dr. Jason Su Scholarship Award and KPC Herbs Book Award

As a student that takes full student loans, I greatly appreciate the efforts made by the administration to help ease the financial burden on attending graduate school in the Bay Area. I would not be able to afford to attend ACTCM if it weren’t for student loans. The gift you’ve provided me is a small step in paying it all back. Thank you so much. Austin Low

 MIEC Scholarship

 I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for your contribution that made it possible for me to receive a scholarship this last year. As you may know, study here is extremely demanding and as such, makes it difficult to work much outside of school. This scholarship has enabled me to take better care of myself as a graduate student, and has lessened the financial burden and stress that I feel around my studies. I can be more present with my work, but most importantly with my patients and other people in my life. Preparation for this scholarship furthermore strengthened my investment in thorough charting, which ultimately benefits our patients and other practitioners who will help them in the future.  Brandon Erickson

Golez-Ewing Scholarship

Please accept my gratitude for awarding me this scholarship. Thank you for recognizing me for my hard work and dedication as a student. Your involvement in my education in this way has helped me greatly, and I would like to express my deepest appreciation for it. Thank you. Daniel Metzger

Frank and Abby Heydman Scholarship, Pam Olton I, II, III Scholarships, Dr. Bingzeng Zou Scholarship

Dear ACTCM, I want to thank you for picking me for awarding me 2014 ACTCM scholarships. I have been financially struggling through my time in the Master’s Program as a student in the accelerated program. The money I was awarded from the scholarship was put directly towards my tuition and has been a big help in lifting the financial load of student loans from my shoulders and providing me the space to focus on my future practice and on spreading TCM far and wide. I really appreciate having such a giving and supportive school. Sincerely, Daniel Feld.  

 KPC Herbs Scholarship

Herbs were my favorite things to study during my ACTCM years. I enjoyed taking the herb and formula classes. I felt excited when I helped other students review herbs and formula in the review classes. I was amazed to see how herbs improved my patients’ health during my internship at the school clinic. I am eager to take herbs whenever my body is out of balance. I grew up in Taiwan and my family doctor used KPC herbs to treat me and my family since I was a kid. I have always felt the connection with KPC herbs. Many many thanks for granting me this scholarship. I can’t wait to use this money to buy more herbal books that will fulfill my hunger for herbal knowledge and enable me to help more people in the future. – Da-Gang Wang

Gratitude Notes from KPC Book Award Winners December 2014

DAOM Program Students

Dear KPC
Thank you greatly for your generous Book Award of $100.00.  As a practitioner of only one year, it is a great privilege to be able to purchase a book for my clinic that would otherwise not currently be within my budget. Dr Chen’s herbal formulas book is one that I felt I’ve needed for quite a long time. It will be a very valuable addition to my frequently used reference books.Again, a wholehearted Thank You for your generosity. Warmest Wishes, Aaron Cashman, L.Ac

Thank you, KPC!

Receiving this award allows me to purchase materials that will increase the quality of my academic work, and deepen the knowledge I can apply in my clinical practice.

Justin Sieg, L.Ac.

 Thank you for your generous contribution to the DAOM program. Being a leader of high quality traditional Chinese herbal products provider,  KPC Products is believed to have a bright future ahead. As a DAOM candidate, I believe traditional Chinese medicine will play an important role in the health and wellness of human being. I will work hard every single day to make sure cancer patients have the support they need to go through their challenging situation and introduce the appropriate herbal medicine to them. And the award you gave me has allowed me to purchase the book “Management of Cancer with Chinese Medicine” and other relevant books of TCM.I sincerely appreciate your involvement and contribution in my DAOM study. Gratefully, Yuwen Cen

Dear KPC,

It is with great pleasure that I receive this year’s KPC Book Award. One of the most important tasks of the Oriental medicine student is to stay on top of the literature to continually progress in the understanding of this medicine as it is being adapted to the twenty-first century. Maintaining a library of newly published books is expensive. As a practitioner in my first decade of practice, I have made many costly mistakes in my book choices; as a result I’ve become more conservative in my purchases. This award is going to allow me to take a risk with several new books that I would not have otherwise purchased, primarily: Restoring Order and Health in Chinese Medicine: Studies of the Development and Use of Qi in the Channels, by Stephen Birch et. al.  It is directly due to this award that I will be able to add this book to my library, and I thank you for this opportunity. Sincerely,Tiffany C. Hoyt, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl. O.M.