What Is Qi…Really?

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12:00 PM — 1:00 PM



Who knows how to use it? What does it do? When is it gonna get here? What is Qi…Really? 

Qi, pronounced as ‘chee’, is the fundamental building block for all existence.  It is all that we experience and not experience, both now and not now, literally pulling the universe together and pushing it apart! It is absolutely vital for all beings to rediscover their deeper innate Qi self, especially as future TCM practitioners!

Learn more about Qi from a current student, Miguel Quiroz, and ask questions about his experiences at ACTCM at CIIS!

Log in from work or home at 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time on Monday, August 21st.

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Miguel Quiroz is a 2nd Level DACM Student with ACTCM at CIIS. Miguel has a background in technology, specifically fire/life safety, and the martial arts. He decided to go to ACTCM because he wanted to go a different direction with his life and a bit of divine intervention helped solidify his choice with this college.

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