Student Testimonials


“I love the fact that the DAOM program attracts both students and faculty from around the country.  This diverse group brings new perspectives about TCM, as well as all of their cumulative experiences, to each and every class.  Whether it is a new technique, an ancient formula, or just a different way to gather the bigger picture, this program influences my practice in a very positive way.”

Jaime M. Hampton, DAOM, MSTCM, LAc

Berkeley, California

Specialties: Gynecology, Facial Acupuncture


“The DAOM was an opportunity to document my clinical results and document my clinical cases. It was the written culmination of a lifetime’s work as a healer. My Capstone enabled me to put what I call Transcendental Medicine, my conceptual clinical framework, in writing, which was the first step towards writing a book on Transcendental Medicine.  I had the honor and privilege of being mentored by Elisabeth Rochat De La Vallée. She not only helped me as a mentor, I have greatly benefited from her vast contribution of scholarship in Classical Chinese Medicine. ACTCM supported my vision of the collaboration of Chinese Medicine and Western Psychology.”

Truthsayer, DAOM, MSTCM, LAc, Dipl. O.M., LMFT

San Raphael, California

Specialty: Neurological Injury or Disease, Cancer Integrative Treatment, Reproductive Health, Pain Management, Mental and Mid-Body-Spirit Health



“Being in the DAOM program enhanced my practice with new needling techniques and advanced herbal formulas, and also taught me the essence of Chinese classical literature while deepening my understanding of integrated medicine from both a Western and Eastern viewpoint.”

Danielle Lee, DAOM, MSTCM, LAc

New York, New York

Specialty: Pain Management