Research & Capstone Projects

Students begin initial work on their capstone projects in their first year of study and continue throughout the program. The capstone projects are scholarly endeavors and need to demonstrate critical thinking and a synthesis of the skills and knowledge learned during the DAOM program.

The capstone project enables the students to enhance their knowledge, skills and confidence in two specialty areas taught in the program:  TCM Gynecology and TCM Pain Management. Students may complete their Capstone Project in one of three areas: a research proposal, clinical case studies, or a translation. Each DAOM student will be assigned a mentor for their independent capstone project classes.

DAOM Capstone Title List

2019 Publications

2018 Publications

2017 Publications

 2016 Publications

 2015 Publications

2014 Publications

2013  Publications

 2012 Publications

2011 Publications

 2010 Publications

 2009 Publications

2008 Publications

All these capstone projects are available in the reference section of the CIIS Laurence S. Rockefeller Library

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