Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) – 42.75 units
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I. TCM Gynecology Domain – 10.25 Units

AOM 8111      TCM Gynecological Foundation
AOM 8112      Menstrual Health
AOM 8213      Endometriosis
AOM 8314      Fertility Support
AOM 8315      Ovarian Disorders
AOM 8416      TCM Classical Works of Gynecology
AOM 9517      Gynecological Inflammation and Infections
AOM 9618      Gynecologic Oncology
AOM 9619      Abnormalities of Pregnancy
AOM 9712      Menopausal Care
AOM 9813      Labor and Postpartum Care
AOM 9241      Clinical Internship and Case Analysis II (Sections 1-4)

II. TCM Pain Management Domain – 9.50 Units

AOM 8121      Pain Theories and Meridian Therapy
AOM 8224      Ortho-Neuro Examination and Imaging Studies
AOM 8223      Scalp Acupuncture Therapy
AOM 8324      Care of the Cervical Spine and Shoulder
AOM 8425      Care of the Lumbar Spine and Pelvis
AOM 8426      Master Tung’s Point Therapy
AOM 9527      Care of the Extremities
AOM 9628      Neurological Disorders
AOM 9728      Complex Pain Disorders
AOM 9729      Physical Therapy for Pain Management
AOM 9341      Clinical Internship and Case Analysis III (Sections 1-4)

III. Integrative Medicine Domain – 9.25 Units

AOM 8131      Case Study Development and Literacy Search Skills
AOM 8132      Environmental Medicine
AOM 8434      Immunology and Oncology
AOM 8531      Mental Health I
AOM 8532      Mental Health II
AOM 8533      Mental Health III
AOM 8535      Advanced Herbs and Drug Interaction
AOM 9635      System-Based and Integrative Medicine
AOM 9731      Western Herbs and Dietary Therapy
AOM 9732      TCM Dermatology
AOM 9141      Clinical Internship and Case Analysis I (Sections 1-3)

IV. Capstone Project and Clinical Externships – 13.75 Units

AOM 8241      Clinical Case Study I (Sections 1-2)
AOM 8345      Clinical Case Study II
AOM 8243      Clinical Observation
AOM 8352      Clinical Research and Capstone Proposal
AOM 8453      Capstone Research I
AOM 9554      Capstone Research II
AOM 9551      Capstone Development and Research
AOM 9545      Clinical Externship I
AOM 9847      Clinical Externship II
AOM 9856      Capstone Presentations I
AOM 9857      Capstone Presentations II
AOM 9941      Clinical Externship Completion
AOM 9951      Capstone Completion

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