Clinical Training

Essential to our students’ education is a comprehensive clinical experience. Students have the opportunity to intern at ACTCM’s onsite Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. DAOM students are strongly encouraged to complete a minimum of two weeks of externship at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou China. ACTCM maintains formal agreement with the institution.

 Clinic Theaters

Clinic Theaters begin in the first semester and occur throughout the program. Clinic Theaters are part of TCM specialty classes. Two or three patients with disorders pertaining to the module topics are seen in a theater class setting. Students participate in the interview and diagnosis process, and treatment plan with faculty members. After the patient has been treated by the faculty members, the students move to the next classroom and engage in a discussion based on didactic class information, clinical experience, faculty input, and the literature reviews.

Clinical Grand Rounds

Throughout the doctoral program, clinical internship includes grand rounds with TCM practitioners and frequently with Western medical practitioners. In this environment, patients may be diagnosed by both practitioners. The faculty will discuss their diagnosis process and recommended a treatment plan, the strengths and weaknesses of their medicine in treating that particular patient, and how the practitioners can work collaboratively to provide the most effective treatment. Students will have ample opportunity to ask questions and hold in-depth discussions about their patients. Students work in small groups and treat the patients.

Clinical Observation

Students have the opportunity to observe with biomedical practitioners, such as MD, DO, DC, ND, NP at approved off-site clinical settings. The clinical observation experience provides the opportunity for understanding of the roles and responsibilities of other health care practitioners and developing the skills to work in collaborative practices and in medical teams.

Clinical Externship

Students complete their observation and externship hours in a variety of hospitals, outpatient clinics, and with private practitioners. Students also have the option of completing some of their externship for two to six weeks at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University (ZCMU) in Hangzhou, China.

In addition to studying in China, the ACTCM DAOM program also maintains partnerships with hospitals and integrated treatment centers  around the US that include:

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