Online DACM Completion Program Highlights  

Integral Training 

Integrative, patient-centered care is at the forefront of an education from ACTCM. We understand the importance of using an evidence informed practice in collaboration with the broad range of healthcare providers in a team context. 

With this in mind, the DACMCP is taught in an integral manner, bringing in a variety of resources and paradigms to enhance the prior training of graduates with the MSTCM (or MSTOM) degree. 

Diverse Perspectives 

The DACMCP respects diversity and compassionate care by emphasizing the principles of harmony and balance. Drawing on theories associated with yin and yang (陰陽) and the wu xing (five phases, 五行), and other philosophical and religious traditions throughout South and East Asia, ACTCM holds the importance of complexity and difference. 

Always keeping the goal of balance in mind, the DACMCP faculty promotes these and other key teachings found in a variety of cultural and religious contexts. 

Online Format 

The program makes use of new and innovative online teaching methods  to create a dynamic and accessible curriculum. The online coursework will employ CIIS’ Canvas platform. 

A History of Exemplary Education 

Students receive the highest standards of instruction in a scholarly academic environment that has one of the strongest records and reputations in the country of producing knowledgeable healers and leaders at the forefront of acupuncture. 

Peer and Alumni Community 

Our students and alums continue to explore and introduce new therapies and integrative care experiences, found new health and holistic organizations, and bring the benefits of TCM into new areas of health care and places around the world. 

Watch our fantastic new video of Acupuncture at ACTCM featuring alumna Carla Cassler: 


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