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Your Holistic Path
Begins Here


Your Holistic Path Begins Here

Explore our entry-level degrees for students with three years of undergraduate study or learn more about our advanced training degrees for licensed acupuncturists.

Entry-Level Degrees

Advanced Training Degrees

ACTCM at CIIS is one of the world’s leading acupuncture and Chinese medicine schools preparing students for careers in holistic, integrative care and wellness. We offer graduate programs of unparalleled academic integrity and quality with a strong focus on clinical diagnostics and herbal training. All of our programs are regionally and nationally accredited.

Watch Mahesh Francis, Associate Director of Admissions at CIIS give his top reasons why ACTCM is the right choice as an acupuncture and Chinese medicine school.


Career Choices, Stellar Pass Rates

An ACTCM diploma distinguishes you in the field. Hands-on clinical experience and comprehensive coursework prepare you to practice the best patient-centered care.

Great Qi and a Nourishing Place to Learn

ACTCM’s main campus is located in beautiful Potrero Hill in SF. It offers stunning views, an extensive herbal garden, and an on-site Acupuncture and Herbal Clinic. It’s a place that embodies what this medicine is about.

Mission-Driven, Diverse Students

Learn with compassionate, creative, and deeply committed Chinese medicine school students who are shaping the future of integrative medicine.

Integral Vision for TCM Education

ACTCM’s merger with CIIS has further expanded opportunities in integrative health with multimodal collaborations, dialogues on justice and healing, and access to mental health integrations with a broader wellness community.