Off-Site Clinics

The college maintains numerous partnerships with local hospitals and community-based clinics in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Each off-site clinic is staffed by ACTCM clinical faculty and interns working in collaboration with other medical providers. These partnerships offer high quality patient care and education, while also providing ACTCM interns with the opportunity to do clinical rotations in diverse settings.

Lifelong Berkeley Primary Care (BPC)
Acupuncture interns work alongside BPC healthcare providers to treat diverse, often uninsured patients with chronic health issues. The clinic works with patients by referral from their primary physicians, social workers, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners and nurse-midwives.

HealthRight 360 (formerly Haight Ashbury Free Clinic)
The Haight Ashbury Free Medical Clinic was founded in 1967 and was the first free clinic of its kind to provide treatment to individuals who are homeless, in between jobs, or cannot afford the high cost of health insurance deductibles. Interns provide full body treatments in small private rooms as well as group auricular acupuncture in the clinic’s waiting area. Interns also observe medical doctors, case managers and chiropractors, as well as review comprehensive chart notes and read HIV lab data.

California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)
CPMC offers interns the opportunity to treat patients who are paralyzed or have limited mobility due to stroke or other injury to the brain or spine. Medical doctors refer patients for acupuncture to help issues surrounding pain management, rehabilitation, speech therapy, motor coordination, muscle tone and weakness, depression and anxiety.

Center for Somatic Psychotherapy (CSP)
Acupuncture interns provide supportive care for clients receiving psychotherapy at the California Institute of Integral Studies’ CSP clinic in downtown San Francisco. Acupuncturists collaborate with psychotherapy providers with a unique body-oriented psychodynamic psychotherapy technique. Fees are structured on a sliding scale based on income or resources.

Clinic Reception (415) 217-8895

220 Montgomery St #600, San Francisco, CA 94104

Women’s Resource Center (WRC)
The Women’s Resource Center is primarily a day treatment center for women released from the San Francisco jail and provides a variety of resources to help women transition back into the community. Acupuncture interns provide auricular acupuncture in a group setting to support women participating in WRC programs.


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