Chinese Medicine Farm Summer Workshop

Are you interested in cultivating the most efficacious Chinese botanicals? Or would you like to gain understating and deepen your relationship with Chinese herbs through their cultivation? Perhaps you are concerned about loosing access to herbs, and are interested in being a part of the development of Chinese herbs as a domestic emerging market? How about access to, or providing better quality herbs than is commonly found in the marketplace? Maybe you are a grower seeking to diversify your production? Besides offering seed and field grown herbs the Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm, which is located in the coastal hills one hour north of San Francisco, also serves as an experimental farm to explore these possibilities as well as aid in herb conservation. Our three session summer intensive allows those interested to visit with 100+ Chinese medicinals and engage in hands on experience to grow and harvest Chinese herbs under the guidance of Peg Schafer; educator and nationally recognized Asian herb grower.

This workshop will have a mix of field activities, such as sowing seed and harvesting herbs; discussions will cover the medicinal herb nursery, managing the garden and farm, choosing which crops and how to grow them, cultivating efficacious herbs with wild qualities, harvesting and drying of leaf, flower, seed and root herb crops, as well as other issues concerning herb quality and cultivation.

The program is $225, space is limited. The hours are 9-3 Saturday June 26th, Saturday July 24th, and Saturday August 28th. If you are interested please email Peg at  Please see for more information.

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