Financial Aid and Tuition

We’re thrilled to be able to announce that ACTCM at CIIS has made the decision to keep tuition costs at the same level for a second year

This decision reflects our continued commitment to support students and their important educational and vocational goals, particularly in these extraordinary times. As with the scholarships, emergency aid, and other support services that we have been able to offer students this past year, the Board of Trustees and CIIS leadership recognize that, as we enter 2021, it is especially important for CIIS students and graduates to be able to continue their impactful work for rebuilding, revisioning, and addressing the many inequalities that 2020 has laid bare.

How much does Chinese medicine and acupuncture school cost?

ACTCM believes that the cost of a high-quality education should not be a deterrent to prospective applicants. In recognition of the concern students and families have with finding adequate resources to meet these costs, our financial aid program is designed to make ACTCM affordable to those students we admit. Approximately 80 percent of our students receive some form of aid from federal, state, and institutional sources.

ACTCM at CIIS Tuition


$515 per unit

DAOM Tuition

$4,950 per term

ACTCM Student Audit

$160 per unit

ACTCM Alumni Audit

$130 per unit

ACTCM Herbal Sample Fee

$210 (onetime fee)

ACTCM Malpractice Insurance Fee


ACTCM Capstone Completion Fee (DAOM program only)


ACTCM Clinical Externship Completion Fee (DAOM only)


DAOM Capstone Printing



Read more about ACTCM tuition and fees on CIIS website.